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In any room of your home, you want to be able to show off your personality. Whether it's through the use of a unique piece of accent furniture or art, the furnishings you choose to decorate your room with will make or break the mood and personality of your home, so it's important that you consider how each and every piece will impact the overall vibe. You don't want your favorite space to look bland, but you also don't want it to look busy either. So how can you strike a balance? Not to worry, PiazzaPisano.com is here with a few tips on how to add dimension and personality to your home without letting it become too busy.

First off, consider what types of accent pieces you want to incorporate. If you're looking to add pieces that can add personality as well as function to a room, it's best to go with a good shelf or decorative accent table. At PiazzaPisano.com, we have a great variety of Decorative Accent Tables that are perfect for tying any look or room together with intricate details and one-of-a-kind styling, but don't worry, these pieces aren't over the top either. Inspired by the handcrafted creations of Al Pisano, the Decorative Accent Tables from PiazzaPisano.com are the perfect fit for any room. Shop the selection at PiazzaPisano.com to find one to compliment your color schemes or the mood of your room.

Once you've picked out the right accent furniture, like one of the decorative accent tables from PiazzaPisano.com, it's time to look at furniture placement. Is there enough space for movement? Is everything comfortably situated? Do you feel cramped? Does the room feel empty? Try to arrange the furnishings so that the room feels warm and welcoming without being too overbearing or crowded.

After you've arranged your furnishings, look to see if there's any little touches you can add or subtract to make the look come together. Is there a piece of art that's just too much? A decorative accent table that looks a little bare? A wall that seems out of sync? Just by taking the time to examine the possibilities, you can be sure that each room looks perfect.

Finally, to punch up any space, do some things to freshen the room. Open the windows. Give it a deep cleaning. Change the light bulbs. Add a decorative throw pillow. Bring in plants or fresh cut flowers. These touches, along with the overall mood of your home, can help to make any room special.

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