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Hand crafted Italian Wall Decor by artist Al Pisano

Our hand crafted Italian wall decor is created from original wood carvings and sculptures by artist Al Pisano. Our wall plaques, signs, door toppers, mirrors and clocks will provide charming, authentic and unique Italian and Tuscan accents for your home. All of our products are made under the direction of Al Pisano and in the USA.

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sign plaque in Italian item 519B

Italian Decor Amore Sign item 654

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Italian Bedroom Decor sign item 519A

Benessere Italian Wall plaque 535E

Amore wall word in wood letters

Italian Welcome Sign Benvenuti Amici item 543

Benvenuti Amici Italian Sign with Holiday customization item 699A

Benvenuti Amici Italian sign, Welcome Friends sign item 543A

Italian and Tuscan Home Decor sign plaque item 558B

Italian Welcome Sign Benvenuti item 543D

Italian Decor Buon Giorno wall plaque item 658

Italian Wall Decor Buona Fortuna plaque item 548

Buona Fortuna Italian and Tuscan wall decor plaque item 181F

Buona Fortuna Italian wall plaque item 180

Buona Fortuna Italian wall signs item 180A

Italian Wall Plaque Buona Fortuna e Prosperita item 754B

Italian Home Decor Grape Wreath item 533

Buongiorno Italian Welcome sign for Tuscan theme decor # 658A

Buongiorno Italian wall plaque and Door topper item 658D

Capeesh Italian wall plaque item 665A

Capeesh? Italian wall Sign item 665

Capisce Italian wall plaque item 665B

Casa Bella wall plaque for Italian and Tuscan decorating item 646B

Cent Anni sign for Italian and Tuscan decor item 564

Italian and Tuscan Kitchen Decor Sign item 670

Italian Plaque Tuscan Decor Ciao Bella sign ITEM 576

Ciao Sun Italian sign for Italian and Tuscan decor item 643B

Ciao Bella Italian Decor wall plaque item 576B

Ciao wall plaque for Italian Decor item 643

Italian Opera Wall Plaque from the opera Don Giovanni #666

Faith Hope Love Italian wall art plaque, item 537

Good Food plaque door topper for Italian Tuscan decor item 596B

Tuscan Theme Grape Vine Wall Letters item 106

Italian Grazie wall sign item 448

Italian Wall plaque Il Dolce Far Ninete The Sweetness of Doing Nothing item 647C

Italian wall decor plaque Fruitti di Mare door topper item 399

Italian Wall sign for Italian Mama and Papa item 655a

Italian Mama and Papa Oval wall plaque item 655B

Italian Wall Decor Plaque Italian Market item #567

Italian Mother Blessing From Heaven item 655

Italian Live Love Laugh wall plaque and door topper item 535V

Italian Wall Plaque, Entri Come Amici Italian Sign item 667

Italian Wall Plaques for Italian Decor set of 4 item 604

Italian Welcome sign item 543G

Italian Welcome Sign Benvenuti Amici with iron accents item 543J

Italian and Tuscan Decor Wall Decor plaque item 943A

Italian wall plaque Benessere

Italian oval wall plaques-set of 4 item#618

Italian Wall Plaque Fede Speranza Amore

Italian plaque, Long Live Love wall plaque

Italian Wall plaques La Dolce Vita and Buona Fortuna set

Italian sign, Auguri and Prosperita

Italian wall sign Tutto Italiano, Everything Italian!

Italian wall plaque Eat Pray Love item 542P

Italian wall plaque Tuscan wall art

Italian wall plaque, Italian Mother is a blessing From heaven

Italian wall sign Alle Famiglia item 703

Italian wall sign Amici e vini

Italian Wall Plaque La Dolce Vita item 647

La Dolce Vita Italian door topper for Italian and Tuscan decor item item 647B

La Vita e Bella Plaque Life is Beautiful #555

Live Laugh Love Italian wall plaque item 535

Italian Wall Decor Italian Market Plaque item 501B

Italian Wall Decor Mercato Italiano wall plaque item 501A

Olive Oil Door topper

Pace e Bene Wall Plaque

Italian Wall Decor Ponte Vecchio Bridge Door Topper item 605

Rialto Bridge wall plaque Italian Door topper

Sempre Amici Italian wall plaque sign

Family is Forever Italian Sign item 652D

Family is Forever Italian Plaque item 652

Sempre Famiglia Italian Family Forever plaque

Sicily symbol plaque Trinacria item 700

Ti Voglio Bene, I Love You Italian wall plaque

Tuscan Rustic Olive Oil wall plaque item 673

Tuscan decor, Carpe Diem wall plaque

Tuscan theme door topper Bevi Bene 550B

Veni Vedi Vici Door Topper Sign

Viva La Italia Long Live Italy!

Italian Vive Bene Door topper for Tuscan and Italian decorating

Vive Bene Live Laugh Love door topper in Italian item 535LG

Italian Wall Plaque Vive Bene Door Topper item 535 G

Wall Word Art, Ciao Italian Word

Wine Cellar signs wall art set of 2 item 532A

Wine Decor Sign - A Day Without Wine Wall Plaque item 697

Italian Decor Blessings and Peace Sign # 537C

Music Wall Art Italian Opera Wall Plaque item 663A

Italian Wall Decor Sign Ufficio item 665D

Italian Welcome Sign Enter As Friends, Leave As Family item 667C

Italian Plaque and Door Topper La Famiglia item 652DT

Rome Italian Sign SPQR

Sicilian Personalized Trinacria Sign for Your Home

Italian Decor Wall Sign item 514D

Personalized Rome Street Sign

Italian Wall Decor Door Topper item 550

Italian Sign Begin and God Will Provide the Rest

Italian Sign Begin and God Will Provide the Rest

Italian God Bless Our Home Plaque

Trinacria Large Size Sicilian Plaque

Italian Wall Plaque, Entri Come Amici Italian Sign item 667

These are beautiful handcrafted reproductions of Al Pisano's original carvings and sculptures.Created in the artist's studio, each piece is meticulously hand cast and then hand painted and stained to capture all the incredible detail. We also personalize many of our wall plaques free of charge and these make great gifts. All of our products are Made in the USA by skilled artisans under the supervision of Al Pisano.

We offer a money back guarantee. We believe you will enjoy Al's artwork for many years. Call us if you have any questions!