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We love how versatile a restaurant chalkboard can be. There's a certain beauty and joy that comes from having, quite literally, a blank slate to work with. Besides using them in their traditional function at the front of your restaurant, there are a lot of fun things you can do with a menu board.

With a little bit of thought, a restaurant menu board can become a unique piece of art or a fun message board for your customers. It's an easy and fast way to add a bit of personality to your space. They even make great d_cor for your home kitchen! Here are five of our favorite inventive uses for our menu chalkboards:

5. Table d_cor: leave a small menu board at every table in your restaurant and let guests doodle while they wait for their food. Don't secure them to the table or the wall and then you can take the very best artwork and hang it up on the walls or at the bar for other patrons to admire!

4. Entertainment for the kids: put up a small menu chalkboard in your kitchen, but down low where the little ones can reach it. Supply them with some chalk in fun colors and let them go crazy. They can even make dinner requests on their very own menu board.

3. Family message center: Place a chalk menu board in a central location where everyone can reach and leave messages. You can keep everyone on time and on task with a few boards lined up across your kitchen cabinets.

2. Contest prizes: If you're looking to drum up some more business, take a few of your signature menu boards and draw some fun and colorful pictures on one, and then lay out the rules of the contest on another, with the grand prize being a custom menu board from their favorite eatery!

1. Create art: Does your restaurant have a defining character? Be it human or a cartoon, if there's someone or something that people identify with your restaurant, start drawing a weekly cartoon featuring them on your menu board. Keep the weekly cartoon up front and pretty soon people will start to notices the changes and will keep coming back to see what they're up to this week!

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