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You have a lot of options when you're looking for ways to decorate your restaurant and display your menu and specials. We love restaurants with personality and style. The places that keep us coming back not only have the most delicious food and friendly staff, but they have style as well! There are a lot of ways you can create that style in your own place, but one of our favorites are restaurant chalkboards.

Every restaurant could use a chalkboard for displaying menu specials, drink specials and other announcements. Why waste money over and over on posters or flyers when you only have to invest in a chalkboard once? There are a lot of reasons why a chalkboard is a great fit for a restaurant:

Style _ Chalkboards add a very distinctive air to your dining room. Restaurant chalkboards are high quality, and can be personalized to match the theme of your restaurant. Use one to set the tone when people walk in the door. The Soup And Sandwich restaurant chalkboard makes a great addition to a deli or snack shop. Help complete the look of your space with one or two chalkboards featuring all your recent news!

Ease Of Use _ Every teacher and student in America already knows how easy it is to use a chalkboard. Mistakes are easily erased, as are daily specials if you run out before the end of the day! You can clean them with nothing more than a wet sponge and you're ready to write again. In the nonstop action of the food service business, a restaurant chalkboard is a simple tool that makes a big difference.

Personalization _ It's easy to add a personal touch to your space with a chalkboard! We love custom chalkboards and signs in restaurants, but even if you're not ready for those, you can customize your look a few ways. Have the most talented artist on your staff be in charge for writing up the signs each morning, and give some freedom to draw and decorate as they see fit. Reserve one chalkboard for restaurant news _ you can promote your anniversary or even celebrate a staff member's birthday and make your customers feel like they are part of the family!

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